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Dr. Casey is certified through APEX Functional Medicine. Her philosophy is to look at the individual and their unique life

in order to determine how to approach their

nutritional & METABOLIC needs.


Are you having symptoms of constant fatigue, glucose/sugar issues, thyroid/parathyroid issues, gut/hormone issues & still stuck on what is the right food to eat? What the right supplements are? 

I can help!

Green Goodness


After you schedule your initial call you will receive a metabolic questionnaire to fill out prior to our call. On the call we will discuss your symptoms, medical history, plan of action, and more From there I will come up with a recommended food guide along with recommended supplements. We check in weekly to track progress & symptoms and, of course, daily support with any questions. I usually like to combine the two because movement helps support those issues as well.


 ◉ 30min Consult to discuss any gut issues, autoimmune issues, struggling with weight loss/etc.


 ◉ Metabolic Questionnaire Overview - to be filled out Prior to call (will send via email once consult scheduled).


 ◉ Nutritional & Supplemental Support guide individually tailored to your issues based on your history and questionnaire.


◉ Unlimited support via email/DM/text where I provide feedback & support.


◉ Virtual Weekly Follow-ups to discuss any changes/modify along the way  



We do not get enough support in the foods we eat after all the processing that happens. Therefore, I truly believe in supplementation for my patients. This company (Fullscript) makes it so easy to provide proper recommendations for my patients virtually where they can purchase everything online. Buying through Fullscript allows me to feel the most comfortable knowing the products my patients are getting are HIGH quality, NOT expired, REPUTABLE brands, & the list goes on!​

Citrus Fruits


With Fullscript you receive easy, high quality, supplement delivery. When buying from Amazon you may be buying from unauthorized brands or buying expired products. When buying from Walmart or Costco you may be receiving lower doses per serving. For example, 4 capsules of Kirkland fish oil is the same dosage as 1 capsule from top grade fish oil supplements (like Fullscript!). What about a local health food store? Looking for the right supplement can be overwhelming on your own - working with a healthcare practitioner is more custom and can provide you the proper guidance that works best for your body + health.

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