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Online Rehab!

After starting my online business during the pandemic, I quickly realized how impactful it was to work with people 1:1 from everywhere & anywhere. Rehabbing an injury is tough, so why try & figure it out on your own? Having a systematic process can make a big difference! Let me help you improve your mobility and recover faster from your NAGGING injuries from the comfort of your home!



◉ You are having trouble dealing with an old injury & not sure where to go or what to do 


◉ You are wanting to work on your mobility & improve your performance in the gym whether that be powerlifting or weightlifting


◉ You are an overhead athlete (baseball, volleyball, tennis) dealing with an injury


◉ You have specific shoulder, knee, hip or low back injuries

◉ You have postural issues + want to improve them


◉ You are a soccer player, runner, cyclist, or triathlete dealing with an injury

◉ You are postpartum and recovering from birth

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STEP ONE: You schedule a free evaluation call with me. On the call we will go over your full history and mechanism of injury. I will have you perform a functional exam of your range of motion & squat form. This helps give me a baseline of how we are going to move forward together & how to best serve you and your injury.

STEP TWO: Once we discuss our game plan moving forward we will begin your online program. Each month you receive 24/7 access to me, virtual weekly follow ups, weekly customized program. Payment is month to month. 

STEP THREE: As you begin working your way through your custom program each week you can stay in touch with me throughout the process - asking questions, sharing "wins", and getting feedback on the exercises you're performing!



◉ 30 minute consult to discuss goals, background and pain.


◉ Virtual movement & assessment to identify issues.


◉ 4 week programming individually tailored to your goals.


◉ Unlimited support via email/DM/text where I provide feedback & corrections.


◉ Virtual weekly follow-ups to see how you're progressing, what concerns need to be addressed, make modifications, celebrate wins, hold you accountable, and support you in any way I can.


"When I first came to Dr. Casey, my lower back was in so much pain and it was a genuine concern. I couldn’t really get through the day without being in pretty bad pain. I couldn’t lift, exercise, or even sit/stand for long periods of time. Through Dr. Casey’s custom mobility and recovery program, I was feeling no pain in my lower back, my range of motion has gotten significantly better, and I’m able to exercise in the gym! She is so supportive and genuinely cares about you. She goes above and beyond to help and support you through the protocols she gives. I love how detailed and thorough she always is. I would highly recommend her." - Diane



Let me help you improve your mobility and recover faster from your NAGGING injuries from the comfort of your home!

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